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Environmental Management Information Disclosure on Operating Waste-to-energy Projects

Everbright International is devoted to its mission of being “Devoted to Ecology and Environment for a Beautiful China”, and its corporate pursuit of “Creating Better Investment Value and Undertaking More Social Responsibility”. Abiding by its operation philosophy of “Pursuing Excellence and Close to Zero Discharge”, Everbright International has proven performance with its projects in four aspects throughout the construction and management periods, namely: factory appearance, odor management, noise control and emission indicators. In terms of compliance of emission and disclosure of environmental information, Everbright International has achieved the “Five Firsts” in the environmental protection industry, namely: The first to adopt the Euro 2000 Standard (Directive 2000/76/EC) in developing waste-to-energy projects in China; the first to connect its projects with local environmental protection departments and share real-time project emission data, as a means of welcoming supervision from the local governments and the public; the first to disclose the emission data and environmental management information of all its operating waste-to-energy projects; the first to open up its projects in waste-to-energy, waste water treatment and other business segments, for public visits, which received over 100,000 visitors in total on a yearly basis; and also, the first to announce the opening-up of all its environmental protection facilities to the public.

In 2015, Everbright International formulated and gradually carried out a “Four Steps” environmental information disclosure plan for its operating waste-to-energy projects. In August 2015, it disclosed reports relating to the environmental impact assessment of the projects, together with the highest and lowest levels of the gas emission, discharged water from leachate treatment and ignition loss rate of incineration residue on a monthly basis between January and July of 2015, as well as monthly disclosure of the fly ash disposal for these projects during the first seven months of 2015. In September 2015, Everbright International began to disclose the above-mentioned indicators regularly on a monthly basis. Starting from 11 May 2016, it began to disclose on a daily basis the emission and discharge indicators of its waste-to-energy projects, namely gas emission, discharged water from leachate treatment and incineration residue, among others. On 1 January 2017, Everbright International made a further step forward in disclosing the hourly average level of gas emission for all its projects. Following the “Four Steps” plan, on 9 November 2018, Everbright International held a ceremony in Nanjing to announce its plan of opening up all of its environmental protection facilities for public visits. Pursuant to the plan, Everbright International will open up 77 environmental protection facilities from different business sectors to the public over the next three years, making it the only Chinese environmental protection enterprise that participated in the opening-up of environmental protection facilities for public visits, an initiative supported by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the PRC.

The practice of disclosing environmental management information signifies actions taken by enterprises to fulfill their responsibilities in pollution treatment, which becomes a strong driving force for the green development. Such practice does not only demonstrate an enterprise’s strength and confidence, but also encourages the enterprise to continue its effort for further improvement and progress. Everbright International will continue carrying out more social responsibilities, with an aim of safeguarding environment and pioneering in the green and sustainable development.